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  1. Hello, I'm Sai! I just joined Iwaku yesterday and I'm really excited to rp with some of you guys! I'm 18 years old and I've been roleplaying online ever since I was 12 and I'd loved it ever since! If you want to roleplay with me take a look at my resume to see if I fit the qualities of being your roleplay buddy! I also don't mind doing group or 1x1 Roleplays.
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  2. Hello sai and welcome to iwaku, I hope you have a great time on this website and have fun. :D
  3. Thank you! <3
  4. Welcome! If you have any questions the people here are wonderful and will do whatever they can to help you!
  5. Hi there Sai, welcome to the site! :D
  6. -takes your hand gently and kisses the top-
    Hello, and welcome to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy your time and meet lots of friends.
  7. Hehe Aw thanks -blushes a little-
  8. Welcome to Iwaku, pleasure to meet you and I hope you have a good time here.