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  1. Sup everyone? Just joined and stuff...I did it because the other site I RP on doesn't allow Insanity and Yuri stuff. So here I am! Hope I make some good friends and join some AMAZING RP's I've been trying to find so bad. Feel free to talk to me and stuff...so...yep :P Oh and also, please keep in mind, I may make some pretty mean and scary RP characters, and my name might be a bit alarming, but I swear, I'm a nice person who has fallen into a pit of Anime O3O
  2. Well hello there, crazy person! Welcome to the site! 8D
  3. Welcome, Insanity! Make yourself at home with all us other crazies, here on Iwaku. Hope you find everything that fascinates your wacky mind! X3
  4. Welcome! OuO
    This is a beautiful and mystical land called Iwaku, with 3 major gods, Vay, Diana, and Rory. And along with the many minor gods (the mods! :D).
    Make yourself at home.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! :) On other sites, not even this people greet me so it makes me happy