Hi hi!

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  1. Hey there. ^_^ I'm Madyline. Um...yeah. I guess just talk to me. :)
  2. Hi, Madyline!
    I'm talking to you! :D
  3. Yay! Hi. ^_^ Nice to meet you.
  4. Soooo, have you found any good roleplays yet? ^^
  5. Not yet, I haven't really looked...still not too sure of my way around this site. ^_^' Hey! Would you like to start an rp with me? :O
  6. Welcome to Iwaku!
  7. Thanks! Nice to meet you.
  8. Nice to meet you too.
  9. Sure! What did you have in mind?
  10. Excellent question....*contemplates ideas running through the mind* Do you have any ideas?
  11. Hiiiii, I totally know you!!!
  13. HIIIIII!!!!!!
  14. What's been up?! I totally just saw you like an hour ago when you went home! :D
  15. Well, mainly the sky!!! I just saw you like an hour ago, too!!!!
  16. Dude....dude....dude. Undine looks amazing in her mermaid form. Just saying. I think she may be my new favorite character.
  17. :D I know!!!!!!
  18. Kokie, we should do the angel/demon rp on here!
  19. Sure, why not!? Will it be one-on-one, or group?
  20. I think it would be better as a group, don't you?