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  1. Hi Hi! I’m RinCavalia,but you can call me Rin ^.^ I’m looking for some role play buddies! I am very flexible, but there are a few things I might be a little reluctant in. I’ll get to those later ^.^ I’m on a lot, but if I need to be off for a while, I’ll let you know. If you want to rp with one of my characters (I’m trying to add more…) let me know and we can figure something out! If I don’t have a character for the rp, I’ll make one, but sometimes I’ll base them off of your character and figure out where to go from there. I will do my best, but one this is for sure, I don’t post in huge paragraphs too often. Okay here we go!

    Preferences: (I might figure out more later)
    • MxM: This is something I’m good at and enjoy. MxF is meh,not all that great.I’m a little more tentative and let’s not even go with FxF (Seeing how I really have no female character)
      • Im going to put a limit on MxF until I get a better hang of it and get a little more comfortable with it. [x] [x] [x] [] [] ((Added more.I’m getting the hang of it ^.^))
    • No Zombies. I really, really hate Zombies.
    • Ok, vampires, I’m not really into them to be honest. If it is a role play you really want to do, I guess, as long as I’m not the vampire lol
    • Language: Meh I don’t really care.You can curse like a drunken sailor if you want
    • Like I said, I’m flexible, but if something gets to be too much in a rp,I’ll let you know(Probably won’t happen though, unless you are really into gory details)
    • I really like PM rps but I can do a forum rp
    • I would like a really active If you are going to be gone or need to quit the rp, let me know please!

    Ideas: (Just a few.I might come up with more later OR if there is a story you want to play message me and we can figure something out ^.^) Blue=Story Green=Characters *=My preferred role (negotiable)
    • Dragon God* and a human
      • [x] [] []
    • Celebrity and their fan
      • [x] [] []
    • Assassin or Thief* and a civilian or Law enforcer
      • [] [] []
    • A God and a human
      • [] [] []
    • A God and a God
      • [] [] []
    • Shape shifter* and a hunter
      • [x] [] []
    • Runaway* and a bounty hunter
      • [] [] []
    • Slave/Servant* and Master
      • [] [] []
    • Rebellion against tyranny
      • [] [] []
    • Future meets the past
      • [x] [x] []
    • War between two(or more) sides
      • [] [] []
    • Fallen
      • [] [] []
    • More to come~ Message me if you have an idea!

    Note:If you like one of my characters we can figure out an rp.If you like a story and one of my characters,I can change them a bit to fit the rp.
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  2. A god and a human, MxM, and future meets the past all sound good. Now, what do you mean by god? One from Greek Mythology, for example, or someone with powers? My character can be the human, if you like. I'm active, and can reply several times a day, I'm sure. Are you interested?
  3. Hi ^.^ It can be either.If you want it to be a Greek/Roman god rp we can do that or we can do a God of fire,storm,ice,etc.I am very interested ^.^ do you want to message me and we can iron out the details?
  4. Are you looking for a MxM Romance orrrr...
  5. Yes,but it doesn't have to be fully focused on that.
  6. willing to do a MxF romance for Shape shifter and a Hunter?? i am really active, i'm on all day during week days, and reply rather quickly, but not on weekends i only get on if i get the chance on weekends.
  7. Hi ^.^I can try MxF.Im not all that great at it.Do you want to message me and we can talk about it?
  8. Oh oh I would really like to do dragon God x human with you! ^-^
  9. I do have an idea for Celebrity and their fan, mxm style?
  10. Hello ^.^ Do you want to pm me and we can talk about it?
  11. Hello! If you're still looking for partners, I'd be interested in the assassin/officer pairing.
  12. Yep I am ^.^ Would you like to pm me?
  13. Added new Rp ideas and characters ^.^
  14. Bumping.Still looking ^.^
  15. Hello so you are still looking?
  16. Yep I am ^.^ do you want to send me a pm?
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