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  1. Um...I'm dying of boredom over in my little corner. D: Someone rp with me? Please?
  2. I'm not too picky; I'm fine with pretty much anything. I tend to lean more towards fantasy and sci-fi, but I'm willing to try anything.
  3. Hmmm, I'm actually trying to think one up now, but I'm having some trouble with the details.
  4. If you want to tell me what ideas you have so far, maybe we can brainstorm.
  5. Well, it's called 'Chains and Choices'.
  6. The 'Chains' part being about how a demon is kept in check by a young, weak human. The human happens to be the chains that keep the demon from going beserk or something.
  7. Not literally, like magic or something, but the demon restrains itself for the human. Chooses to cage itself.
  8. Okay, so the choices part would be the human deciding whether to hold the demon or let it free?
  9. Oh, I see. Alright.
  10. The 'Choices' bit varies on the actual plot. Which I can't decide on. All I know is that the demon will do everything in its power to protect the human.
  11. Hm...well what if it is Gang related; or kidnapped for money. Something like that. And the demon is trying to protect his (or her) human.
  12. Ir could be, unless you want to move it to old times. Bandits, priests, or something. Or we can just pick something else.
  13. I'm fine with whatever time period you'd prefer. Another idea could be that if it's an older time period the human is being forced to marry? Like an arranged marriage.
  14. Hehehehe, I'm feeliong evil just thinking about it. How about a.....noble's daughter........who met the demon when she tried to convince it to stop harrassing some defenseless villagers. The demon agreed to in exchange for the daughter. Now it basically just follows the daughter everywhere and stuff.
  15. Oh, I like that idea. That's a good idea.
  16. Hehe, so you got the noble's daughter? I guess I don't have to warn you how possessive some demons are right?
  17. No, you don't. haha and Yup, are you wanting to do skellies or just jump in and go with it?
  18. Hmmmm, maybe the personalities at least. They're probably good friends when it happens.
  19. Alright, you first, then I'll post mine.