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  1. Hello everyone. I'm Wresie. You can call me Wres if you want to, but I prefer to go by my pen name~. Now if you're wondering my gender? I am female, although I don't see how that is important. Doesn't matter the gender it just matters on the writer and creativity the person has in my book. As for my age... I'm twenty, don't feel like it at all, but yeah...

    I am new here, but...I guess I should explain my roleplaying history. I started at age six in a feild behind my elementary school with a bit of live action [with out hurting each other] Pokemon. This was after a couple years of house that I don't count because all I did was play as a puppy with my two best friends at the time being. Later on in my elementary years I started playing more complex roles like the girl who traveled from the future to save it, a fan character of Lilo and Stitch and her two brothers against the "Angel Race" [belongs to an old friend], I had created an entire world of wolves where they fight/fall in love/are the dominate race with several characters and generations, I did a lot of fan made futures of Kingdom Hearts based off of the first and second games only [lots of pathways for Sora to go according to those >.>], and then came forum roleplaying. My first forum roleplay was a [mainly] one-on-one site call Zerca which is where my ridiculously painful roleplays [that are mostly dear and close to my heart] happened, although it was an amazing scifi/relationship creating site and I am going back now and again to see if anyone is active [for more info PM me]. Next I moved onto a couple Youtube based competitions where you had to pretend you were a video character and survive inside the competition through video editing. During that time I had a partner [for a VERY SHORT time] that introduced me to group roleplaying on [yet another] scifi/fantasy based site. From there I played for a while on there until it just... died... I also played on various other sites created by various members of the group site which means I have plenty of experience doing group role play. I even started a few sites of my own. My successful and biggest failure was a place called Broken Science where I had to play the bad guys, the good guys, the good turned bad, ect. You name it I probably played it. Later I did a horror based game that I grew gradually more disgusted with myself with because I hate playing gore, extreme violence, and generally making me squirm. Of course this game died, but I would be willing to explore the concept of it here, ya know people being pulled into a game where you face your fears and concur them or die. Since then I have mostly been one-on-one roleplaying with my boyfriend via Skype [no I will not give that out at this time]. So. Currently I am mostly vocally roleplaying and miss the freedom and clarity of writing out/reading whats happening. The slower pace makes less confusing mistakes happen and much better communication than two people making assumptions and needing to debate it out until the issue is solved. Also. I am pretty fair and will do my best not to step on anyone's toes~.

    Oh. And. I personally prefer group roleplaying to be four people at max. My actual preference is lots of single partner roleplays, but I like to just head first into a group as well [as long as I've roleplayed with at least one person from the group before because I can be pretty shy at first]. Erm. One more thing. I don't like stormy rainy/snowy/icy days, but I love to dance in light showers when I am wearing light layers or a skirt [yeah, I know specific]. Finally. Music... Um... Currently I don't have any songs tormenting me, but typically its Christmas music which drives me up a wall. I do not like Christmas music outside of the day its named after. Ever. Its played too much during the year. Sighs.

    I guess all that's left is say you all could ask me questions and if I feel comfortable enough I will answer them. They can be simple like "got any siblings?" to complex like "have you done something so terrible you still have nightmares over it?"

    *gives everyone who visits a hug*

    Nice to meet everyone and once more... HELLO~
  2. Nice to meet you and welcome ^_^.
  3. Hallo Wresie! ^o^ Welcome to the siiiite!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Wresie!
  5. not sure if you do male x male rps but if you do hook me up ^_^
  6. Welcome to Iwaku I hope you have a good time here​
  7. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome~

    And as for your hooking you up Submissive Brat... Male X Male used to be all that I played. If you wanna work out something together feel free to PM me.