Hi Hi Awkward Khajiit here :3

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  1. Hi I'm Awkward Khajiit and I just joined a couple of minutes ago and I could really use some friends.

    Now down to business, I'm sure you all want to know about my roleplaying ability hm. Well I'm more of a (I keep forgetting the actual term so forgive me.) paragraph type of rp like a book. I tend to do almost everything with a variety of characters that seem like they grow by the day. I tend to rp males then females though I don't have a problem with rping females I just feel more comfortable with males. I haven't rped smut in a long long time so I'm a little rusty, um I'm very shy actually and won't ask to rp I guess I'm afraid I won't be good enough. ;^; but once I do ask or someone asks me I always look out for my partners interests and if there is anything specific they want to do I will always give it a try.

    I would love to hear from you soon. So..won't you be my friend? :3
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  3. Thank you I can't wait to start rping and making friends. As well as improving my rp even more, oh and thank you for replying :3.
  4. You are welcome. I am always looking for role play partners.
  5. If you don't mind my shyness and nervousness at first I would love to be one of your partners. If you want of course.
  6. Well I can't message you because it hasn't popped up yet I guess, but I'm pretty shy too, I don't mind. I only play villainous characters though.
  7. Yeah guess I have to post 6 times blah :I. I don't mind that, I have a few character that would fit.
  8. Cool. I've attempted role plays with others but they have seemed to quit on me. I was contemplating leaving the site honestly.
  9. :O Well I don't tend to quit on people.
  10. Welcome to Iwaku! It's great to have you =^.^= I'm always looking for partners, so if you need one, message me or something ^^
  11. Hello, Awkward Khajiit! Welcome to Iwaku! Looks like you've already found a roleplaying partner :) I hope that you'll enjoy it here and stay for a while. Happy roleplaying!
  12. :O I could always use more partners and friends :3.
  13. Haha, okay, I will add you as my friend. You'll be my first add on Iwaku! Feel... um, privileged?
  14. *pouts* NO! You CAN'T be my friend!

    ... Just kidding(and acting like an immature child)! Anyway, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to Iwaku! The community's great, and the people are awesome and you need only ask and the swords answers will be provided! So don't hesitate to approach people if you need any help. I hope you enjoy your stay and may the odds be ever in your favor you RP to your heart's content!

    *stands uncomfortably close and grins creepily* I can be your friend! Anyway, if you ever need anyone to breed plot bunnies with or as a bouncing board for ideas, feel free to drop me a line!

    Once more, I hope you enjoy your stay in Iwaku and may you add to the legions of brainless zombies amazing writers that will one day take over the world!
  15. Hello and welcome Khajiit! 8D I hope you have a lovely time here and that we might be able to RP in the future! 8D
  16. X3 thank you both of you I will defiantly add you two. :)
  17. Hello Khajiit! Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you find the RP that you're looking for- might even work side by side someday :D
  18. Oh my god Eternal Sonata, that would be very nice someday. Hehe I hope I start to get comfortable soon because I have so much stuff I want to do.
  19. Welcome to the forum Awkward bandanna guy. I'm the evilest admin Satan err, that guy with the hat. Enjoy your time here and don't you dare try to eat my goldfish.
  20. *rolls a yarn ball your way*