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  1. So after maybe give or take 6 years of roleplaying on other sites, I eventually left all the sites I joined due to massive amounts of schoolwork and probably some laziness on my part, as well. I guess online roleplaying wasn't as exciting as it was before? The more time I spent away from a site the more of an outsider I felt like and the harder it was to catch up with the gist. And, you know, it's nice to have a community to go to when you haven't got anything else to do.

    So I found Iwaku on this RPG list and it was #38 or something, which I decided to suddenly join at, like 2am e.e it seems like a nice place to hang around.

    My name's Askele, but hey, I'm sure you'll come up with a nickname before long. I've had some interesting ones in the past. Let's see, before I left this old RPG site I was on, I did a lot of one-on-one roleplaying simply because it was so hard to find a decent group roleplay without it dying within days or attracting roleplayers who made practically no effort. Meeting new people and new characters is fun, but I'd love to establish roleplay partners where our plots can be a lot more detailed and intricate.

    So what's up with you guys?
  2. Hello, Askele! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Melancholy, but please call me Mel. If you ever need anything, feel free to send me a PM!
  3. Well hello friend nice meet you, enjoy your stay here ^^ *gives cookie *
  4. Welcome! I think you'll have fun here!
  5. Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it!
  6. Welcome, Askele! Sounds a bit like my situation when I first joined, though it was closer to three AM.

    Are you finding everything alright? =) I suggest filling out your roleplay resume a bit more-- mostly because I'm one of those silly people who wants to read everyone's. ;) Let me read more about you!
  7. Hello again, I came back after some sleep. Thanks for welcoming me! Hey Mel :) *takes cookie* thanks Kakao. Good for Iwaku to have its very own cookie monster ;) Hello Mari and Sami.

    I'll get down to that, Moody. I really like the roleplay resume idea, actually, the old RPG site I joined didn't have anything like that. I think I'll start off joining some jump-in roleplays to get back into the feel of it again. Although I did maintain a roleplay with a friend of mine via email.

    Thanks, people~
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  8. your welcome ^^ i have more cookies if you want just ask a;
    ooh ooh join my rp o3o// it's best and cutest rp ever...
  9. Yeah, Iwaku's the first site where I've seen roleplay resumes. It's a good way to get a guage on what a person's like as a player.

    I hope you find something awesome and fun. <3
  10. Thank you c: I managed to start off with a PM roleplay, which is interesting. If you guys want me to have a look at a thread or something, please show me because I'm kind of getting used to the navigation and all xD

    I gave you a cookie Kakao ;D these ratings are cool.
  11. Congrats on the quick find!

    If you'd like, the banner in my sig leads to my search thread. You're free to take a look, if you like.

    Also, if you're having trouble viewing resumes, just open them in a new tab. That system's being worked on, I think.
  12. Thanks Moody. I didn't expect someone to so quickly see my status and say "hey I'm looking for a roleplay partner too".

    I'll check out your search thread tonight c:
  13. Well, it's definitely good luck! =) Hopefully it turns out awesome.

    Danke danke. I should update it, while I'm thinking on it.
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