Hi, guys!!!

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Hey, guys! My name is Fawna! :)

I love roleplaying and I love making new friends. I'm not the normal average roleplayer, though. I like to do some RPs differently. I'm a huge Disney fan, so I try to do some RPs based around those. I grew up with them, after all!

I would love to meet a lot of you on here!!! Hopefully, I will soon.

Hello, My name is Okami. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
Heyo Fawna! Welcome! I'm a newbie, too so if you need somebody to be totally confused with, i'm your girl! lol! :D
Haha I could DEFINITELY use another newbie to be confused with!!! JOIN ME, PHOENIX!
Welcome to Iwaku, Fawna. :D

Don't mind the pranksters who think they're clever. *Issues Fawna a cookie and a 2x4 with a nail in it.*
Haha gee thank you, Tegan!
I'll take the cookie... Not the 2x4. ;D
Disney fan, huh? Sames, I'll geek out about the movies if you ever wanna.

*Also waves from the newbie brigade*

Sounds like a plan, Elanora!!! And thank you! :)
Hello animal. I'm your local Mod representing the Xeno minority on Iwaku. Need questions answered or directions and I may just be your best friend, until you have the information you need anyway.

And if you see strange lights in the night sky, its just me checking up on you.
You're so sweet it makes me want to gag. But you could be worse things, I suppose.

I'm unhelpful. Direct your questions to literally anyone else but me.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Yay! Another disney fan! XD I don't roleplay disney stuff, but sometimes I make roleplays with fairy tale themes. >:D
Welcome Fawna! I'm sure the indigenous fawna of Iwaku will accept you no problem :P
Warning, Grumpy is the Scottish pimp of Iwaku.
*Pokes her head back in the thread.*

A very special hell, Grumpy.