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Hello! I'm back to roleplaying after a 7 year long break. This is the first time I'm on a site like this, so I'm really confused about everything, but hopefully I'll get it soon.

So, I'm a 25 year old (so, so old) from Norway who has way too much free time on her hands. I write a lot, mostly scifi (and a little dystopia and urban fantasy). I like traveling and cats, but who cares about that.

I hope I understand how to actually roleplay on this site soon, because I really miss it. I've only done one-on-one before, but I'm up for trying new things. I guess I'm the more spontaneous writer and not really into planing everything, I like to just come up with things on the way. I'm up for any category/theme, and I usually write characters who are a little out of the ordinary. (For example, I've writing characters who are asexual or deaf or ... something else out of the ordinary that I can't think of now because it's 1 am.)

Ok, I'll stop now. Congratulations if you read it all. And sorry for any typos, but it was probably more understandable than if I had written in norwegian.


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Ooh, Norway. We seem to get folks from all over the globe 'round here! Welcome to Iwaku, and enjoy your stay!
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