Hi everyone! :)

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  1. Hi there, the name's Claire! :wave:I'm a senior in high school, and while I'm new to the site, I'm not new to roleplaying! I'm excited to start some new rps and get to know people on the site!
  2. Heya Claire! I'm a Junior! It sucks!
    Welcome to Iwaku, Satiate your Role-playing taste buds here!
    "Satiate your Role-playing taste buds?" What sense does that make?
    Have fun doing stuff here and all that jazz.
  3. Welcome to Paradise Claire! I recently graduated high school a few months back so i'm sure you're excited to get it done with. I know that feeling yo
  4. Hey! Welcome to Iwaku, and just PM me if you need any help!

    DiamondGhosts is right: this is a paradise of sorts. All of the people I've met on here so far are really nice, and...well, I'm sure you know this, but RP is really fun! So, I hope you enjoy your time here, Claire!
  5. Hey, welcome to Iwaku! If you have any questions feel free to ask~
  6. @Ser K+ :) Yeah junior year is pretty sucky. It's very very stressful. I wish you the best of luck young sir!

    @DiamondGhosts Very much so. I feel like school at this point is just a bit pointless. I'm ready to go to college and get on with my life. How's adult life going for you then?

    @Elemental*Stars Thanks! It's only my second day and I feel right at home here!

    @heliacalRebirth Okay, thank you! :)
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  7. Pretty boring at the moment tbh lol. Won't start college till spring so I basically have alot of time on my hands till then.
  8. @DiamondGhosts Nice. Plenty of time to rp then! Looking forward to rp-ing with you in the walking dead! :)
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  9. Heeeeey... I'm late. -.-'


    1- A pleasure to meet you, Madame!

    2- I'm only a Sophmore. ;-;

    3-If you're into Pokemon RPs, or want to get into them, I am attempting to start up a Dystopian Pokemon RP, myself.

    Question Time! What is your favorite subject?

    Favorite anime/manga?

    How long have you been Roleplaying?
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  10. Hi Claire, welcome to the site!
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  11. Question Time!
    Hehe, hello! A pleasure to meet you as well! Sophmore year was a fun year for me, I hope it is for you as well! I do enjoy Pokemon, and since I've never done a Pokemon RP, I would love to join yours! :)

    As for your questions...

    -I go to a performing arts school, so for half of the day I do theater classes. My favorite is called Rasa Boxes. It's built off a theater program in some school in France, and we do a little bit of everything in it. At the moment we're working on character creation! :)
    -My favorite anime/manga!? That's a tough one. I love Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Ouran Highschool Host Club, and Death Note. I like a lot more, but those are my favorites. In case you can't tell I'm not too picky with my genres.
    -I think I've been roleplaying 3 years now? Around that long????

    Now of course, I'm curious, so you have to answer these questions yourself! :D
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  12. Thank you! :)
  13. Down to rp with you! :)
  14. Alright then. ^w^

    My favorite subject... I don't do anything cool at the moment, so I would say Chemistry, though Geometry comes in a close second.

    My favorite anime/manga... I like Fairy Tail, SAO (Only on 2nd episode, though.), and AoT.

    I've been roleplaying for... 3-4 years? Can't remember.
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  15. @GeminasM Very chill. Looks like we're gonna be friends, so imma follow you.
  16. Great! ^w^ I'll follow you as well, then.