hi everyone

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  1. Hello im xian i love to roleplay any kind of content rape,romance adventure etc. I need a roleplay buddy thats bacially a chick lol well who wanna be my buddy ^.^
  2. Hello Xian and welcome! :)
  3. Hi ^.^
  4. Hi ^.^
  5. Whispers in the dark crone of the room while petting my Tiger..~

    Fu fu .. Welcome to the other side of the fence xD

    Enjoy your stay and be part of many interesting stories xD
  6. Lol yay XD can i do a roleplay with you ^.^
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  7. Rawwrrr ~.
    Maybe. Where is my present ? It's Tiger's day today!@.@
  8. Oh shit i got you :3 *gives you a cookie*
  9. Is happy now xD.

    - munches the cookie while I float on top of my Tiger above the forum- ;)

    Have fun around here!~
  10. NO sexy tiger dont leave meh DX
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  11. Hello! I am Melancholy, but please call me Mel. I hope you have a nice stay on here! Enjoy the journey into the insanity that is Iwaku. ^^ *throws confetti*
  12. Hi mely! Thanks ! Wanna be my rp buddy ?
  13. Hi Xian! That's a good way to scare a lot of people when walking in to a room! O___O Welcome to the community! <3
  14. Well i am master of fright i should of put scare master XD and thank you buddy <3
  15. Who said that I am scared ?
    I am the TIGER of Iwaku xD

    Rawwrr ~

    Rides her tiger in the backyard ^^
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  16. Yay^.^
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