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  1. My name is Sara but you may also call me Sienna. I've been roleplaying on and off over the years since my early adolescence. I bumped into Iwaku by chance and it seems like a neat RP place so I've wanted to give it a go. I'm already working so my RP time wouldn't be as bountiful as it used to but I'll try my best to make time and have fun roleplaying. As such, I'd mostly be involved in single partner RPs. That's all for now. Feel free to drop me a line if you wish to ask me something. :)
  2. Welcome to the site : )

    I'm October nice to meet you!
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  3. Hey Sienna! Welcome to Iwaku~

    We totally understand that some of our members can't have all the time in the world to just kick back and roleplay, so don't even worry about it. There are a lot of varying roleplaying styles here and different posting speeds depending on who the GM is, so group roleplay might actually be very doable for you. Regardless, our 1x1 section is very active so give it a look (if you haven't already) and most importantly - have fun.

    See ya around~ :)
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  4. Welcome Sara! What a nice avatar. I'm also familiar with LCK art! ^_^ Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here at Iwaku and have a great time!
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