Hi everyone!

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  1. So here I am. My name is Caroline and I find this place really interesting!
    I'm not any expert at roleplaying, actually I think I'm not even good at it sometimes but I wanna try to improve my skills in a friendly and easy-going atmosphere :)

    Also I hope to meet some new friends as I absolutely love participating in discussions, general chatting and spam games :D
    Honestly, my real life is pretty boring so I like escaping into the world of fantasy and daydreaming... Internet is a perfect place for this.

    I also watch too often and too many TV shows to the point where I became obsessed with several main characters xd

    How are you guys?
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  2. well I, for one, am FAAAAAAABULOUUUUUS~ how're you?

    Also, being good at roleplaying is overrated. This is a pastime, not a career. Or at least that's what I tell myself to excuse the fact that I fail horribly more often than I have a stunning success. If you're willing to put up with me, I'm pretty friendly and sometimes I actually am successful at something.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Caroline! I'm sure you'll like to expand your RP experience here. :) You are right the imagination and creativity you can muster online is endless so feel free to let loose your mind here XD
  4. Hey. Welcome to the dark and insidious world of the black rabbit... IWAKU!
    Joking. Welcome to the Fabulous world of the Role-playing plot bunny...IWAKU!
    There that's better...I didn't have much experience when I came here either, and even though I'm a lot better I learn more everyday. Its really fun. so welcome, feel free to join any of my Rps. have a great day.
  5. Thank you for a warm welcome! :)

    [MENTION=4947]Lady Sabine[/MENTION]

    You know, some people are kinda hardcore and they already judge others by their RP skills. Mine are at best 'average' :P
    I'm quite fine now, learning for my studies and preparing for Halloween.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku - where everything's made up, and the word count doesn't matter.

    Anyway, welcome to the site. We don't 'do' the whole elitist thing here - it's kind of frowned upon, and our overlord glorious leader throws things at people who do act like they're too good for someone. If you're in the market for improving your writing, we've got plenty of stuff for that as well.
    Drop me a line if you need anything - I'll see what I can do.
  7. Hi Caroline, welcome to the site! 8D I get pretty obsessed about some roleplay characters and plots too. >> Especially the really awesome ones. Just like my tv shows. >:3
  8. What TV shows do you like? :)