Hi Everyone

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  1. Hi. I'm new here and I just have to say WOW! I'm looking forward to finding my way around and getting to know some new people.
  2. I'm in the same boat as you.. this place is confusing,
  3. Yes it is but a friend of mine is a member here and swears I'll catch on in no time. Hi. My names Saya. Thank you for the friend request. It's nice to meet you.
  4. This place is like a freaking maze lol
  5. It is but I've been looking around and am slowly finding things.
  6. Yeah, im browsing the groups at the moment to see if theres any interesting ones.
  7. Let me know what you come up with, please. lol
  8. Will do lmao I might make a Colosseum group and stir things up >.> lol
  9. How did you change that thing under your picture to say Elemental? I found out how to show that I'm a girl. lol
  10. Go to edit profile and it should be somewhere in the middle
  11. Hey guys! ^__^ it'd be awesome if you spread the love around Iwaku!

    Oh! You can also pm and VM each other! those are awesome for conversations! 8D

    Also! Welcome to Iwaku, Saya....that reminds me of the anime Blood+ Which is cool!

    Enjoy your stay here.
  12. Thanks. This place is awesome and I'm finding my way around. You have a lot of interesting RP's going on. I look forward to a long stay. :)
  13. Greetings, Saya! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Hiro! ^^

    It's good to hear that you're discovering your way around the site. If you have any questions or need any help at all, feel free to ask!

    I saw that you were wondering how to change your title. You can do that in your Settings by clicking on "Edit Profile" and not too far down you will see "Custom User Title". Put in your desired title there.

    Hope that helps. ^^
  14. Ahhh...seeing "WOW" in caps made my day! :D

    Welcome to the community, Saya! Enjoy yourself~