Hi Everyone!

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  1. I'm Asteroid!
    I'm completely new to this site, but I've been roleplaying for about a year. Hope to see some of you around!
  2. Why hello there! First Cookies, now Asteroids..Soon we'll have everything on Iwaku!

    Welcome to community, Tetsuri already has you setup!

    Hope to see you around!
  3. HI!!! Check your pm's.
  4. well, since you haven't posted, your wall. It'll show up in your notifications.
  5. Please whatever you do dont crash into a planet's atmosphere and burn up there...welcome to Iwaku I'm Ruikio, ask if you want anything and crap.
  6. Welcome to the community Asteroidy! Hope you have lots of fun! Any questions? Ask away!
  7. Annnndddd Welcome! ^-^

    I am Iliana and its a pleasure~ Tetsuri gave you some pretty sexy links. Drop in the
    Academy to stretch your rp bones out and flaunt your awesome skills!

    You know you has them.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku! :D
    That is all.
  9. Yay!
    An Asteroid!

    *makes a wish*

    Welcome to Iwaku, Asteroid! May your posts shine like shooting stars upon the skies!
    I'm Selenite, a pleasure to meet you!
    Here, have a cookie-


    -yes those are cookies right?
    And see you around!
  10. A roleplaying Asteroid! 8D That's pretty cool! Welcome to the community. >3