Hi everyone...

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  1. The staff failed to delete my account as I requested, which enabled me to return here. *Annoyed sigh* ~___~; *gigglesnort*

    ANYWAY. I'm here. I'm alive. ...Sorta. I don't see myself participating in any roleplays anytime soon and if I do, it would have to be a promisingly active one that keeps me interested. And only one... I'm terribly busy with college work and am trying to prepare myself to move to Bellingham (which is closely 2 hours from my current location) this summer so I can finish my associate of science and make a transfer to WWU for a Kinesiology bachelor degree. Woo me...

    You'll find me in the Cbox and maybe some threads. I've also been very distracted by DotA and other Warcraft things 'cause I can play that on my laptop without a CD anywhere I go, as long as there's internet for some of the things.

    I've missed you guys. Asmo's attitude, Diana's awesome, Myrn and Kitti's affection, Chaos'..um..>>..well you don't need to know what I missed about him. ;)

    I'm here to help with anything. Even if I am not RPing as much as I used to, I'd be more than happy to help members out with posts, plot ideas and..well, anything really. My passion mostly lived with helping people during the few years I been part of Iwaku.
  2. It's sex with Chaos, isn't it? >:D

    *Huggles for Fluffy!* I'm glad you came back! XD Some things just need a little Fluffy!
  3. Warcraft?! Jeeez...

    I'm stalking Chaos, ASAP.
  4. Haha well welcome back then ^_^ I'm sure everyone has missed you!
  5. Naw, she's playing Warcraft 3. Which is less addicting than wow.

    Get Heroes of Newearth!(it's like DotA but prettier) I can *probably* get you a beta key lol.

    PS. Obligtory GOD DAMN NEKOS reaction.
  6. Welcome Back :)

    We missed you :33
  7. See the allure of the Iwaku is too much to stay away from forever. Fluffy you are always welcome in our humble doors and never you forget that. Glad to see you come back and hope College goes well for you.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  8. I think I remember you from before because I have seen that avatar on here before like when I was 13.

    Welcome back if you have any questions about anything new just ask and we can help you

    *walks into shadows yah know same old same old*
  9. Mistress Fluffy ish back!
    Good luck with the college! ^_^
    Archy must be told... >_> <_<
  10. Fluffelbums, I've missed you :3
  11. Or alternatively, go get League of Legends, which is free to play with the option to pay for cosmetic stuff and is from the same makers of DotA.


    (HoN/LoL rivalry showing)

    Anyway, welcome back Fluffers *snuggles tight* hope you are here to stay now ^_^
  12. WoW is stupid.


    *Hugs people and gets back to bed so she can be sick and worked to death by college profs*
  13. Probably not going to post more tonight. But I post in the morning this time....unless my electricity goes out or something like that happens...
  14. Good Night~
  15. Now, now. Now more tears, Julez. *Snuggles* :3

  16. ... No comment ...

    *adds another tick to his chalk board*
  17. *Cloroforms Slyen and begins to drag him out the door*

  18. HoN/LoL beta keys are fairly easy to acquire, I got my LoL key from Pendragon himself.


    I'm surprised the thread isn't filled with your cat-people army yet.
  19. Haha. *Fills thread with NPC nekos of dewm*

    SLYEN. *Biiiig hug*

    GRUMPY. *...Biiiiig hug*

    How are my peoples?

    I shall look into that, Oro. *Googles said game*

  20. *Snuggles Fluffy*