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  1. Hello to you whom is reading this. I am a mere writer who, just as you, enjoys a good roleplay. I discovered and began roleplaying about 4 years ago, giving me a good amount of experience in it. However, I must stress one thing; although the span of my roleplaying experience is rather long, I have only started long, descriptive roleplays about a year ago. Please don't let that turn you off from sending me a PM!

    I came to this forum hoping to find it a stress and drama free place (which so far.. it seems like it is). I will not tell you my true name nor my age for personal reasons. Just know that you can call me Red and that I am over the age of 18. I am a female with a sexual orientation marking me as pansexual -though, I'm not one to put labels on people.

    Fandoms, fantasy, and sc-fi are my most preferred roleplays but, if you like otherwise, I'd do whatever it is that you'd prefer. Just getting a chance to roleplay is exciting enough for me.

    So, with that, I shall bid you farewell and hope that you have a great day!


    If you're interested in roleplaying with me leave me a PM!
  2. Greetings, Red! Welcome to the forum!

    Let us both go forth and partake in some playing of roles!

    ~ Ameronis
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  3. Pfff! Stress and drama free? What site are you looking at? XD
  4. *Shoves Gemi in the closet!* >>

    Hallo Red, welcome to the community! :D
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    Welcome to Iwaku Slyred!