Hi everybody~

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  1. Hello everyone~
    My name is Serenity, and as you can tell, I've just joined.
    I'm eighteen years old (finally an adult, yay?)
    and I love to role play. :)
    I'm hoping to find some good friends on here as well as have some fun!

  2. Welcome... TO HELl! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA

    Not really. Enjoy your stay =O!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Serenity!

    I'm Selenite, pleeeeeeeeeeased to meet you!

    Oh I thought that as well about myself when I turned eighteen too.
    Then I... doubted.
    Still in doubt.

    But, let's celebrate your arrival with something sewwt!
    I mean, sweet! (can't be bothered to fix the typo)


    Have fun dear, and see you around!
  4. Next month I turn 30. 8D

    I'm still not an adult yet... I like it that way. >:3

    Welcome to the community Serenity who is Severus!
  5. Hello, Serenity!

    Nice to have you with our Iwaku family! ^^

    I turned 20 bout two months ago. I feel..The same O_O

    IF you need help, please give a holler!
  6. Hello. Nice to meet you.
    I am the Russian Burrito.


    Ahem, my bad.


    THE Russian Burrito.
  7. Hello and welcome to Iwaku, Serenity.

    Its a pleasure to have you here.

    Its always good to see a new face.

    You should check out the Academy. It has some great teachers and fun and great exercises to do!

    You can also take a look at the Jump- In Role Play!

    We also have Cbox. Here, you can meet members and have fun!
  8. I was going to say "I'm ____ and I don't feel like an adult" but Diana is way older and already said it soooo... yeah. :D Welcome to Iwaku, SeverusLolaSerenity! Hope you enjoy it here.
  9. Thank you everyone~
  10. Welcome to the forum. Now I'm off to go fishing.
  11. Hi Serenity!

    Iwaku is a pretty awesome forum. Hope you enjoy it! Everyone's really friendly and nice!