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  1. Hi :) I was instructed to post here first, so here I am :D

    Here is some info about me :D

    Name: Teagan
    Nickname/s: Teags, Twiggy
    Likes: Reading, Amethyst, Running and Adrenaline Rushes. (I AM NOT AN ADRENALINE JUNKY!)
    Dislikes: Rude people and Spicy food. Aswell as bad books.
    Currently Reading: The 'Ingo' Series, by Helen Dunmore and Vampire Knight, by Matsuri Hino.
    Favourite book/s: The Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini.
    Other: If you wanna chat just message me, or if you want I can teach you some of the 'Ancient Language' from The Inheritance Cycle :D

    Have a great day,

  2. Hello Teags and welcome to Iwaku.

    My name is Tenchi-Roku, the local ninja around here. I'm into free running so I think I can understand your lust for rushes. XD

    This sight has alot of RPs to offer, so enjoy yourself.


    *ninja vanishes*
  3. Hello Teagan!

    You know eventually you will become an adrenaline junkie. :D It isn't a bad thing though because that means you go out and do crazy shit that no one else would do. Well except for your fellow adrenaline junkies, myself included.

    I think I read up to the fourth manga of the vampire knight series. It is pretty interesting I really liked how the classified vampires into different ranks. What is your favorite part about it so far?

  4. Well I only just finished reading the first book :3 nd the library isn't open on Sundays. My favourite part would have to be when Zero give Yuki the gun :D Why? you may ask. Well Because she gets a gun :D
  5. We have another member named Tegan! 8D And I have a character named Teegan! Teegs everywhere!

    Welcome to the community! <3
  6. Hi, Teags! Welcome to Iwaku. I read the first two books of the Inheritance trilogy; does that make me special? :D


    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you!
    If you need anything, please, do ask! Otherwise simply enjoy your stay!

    See you around!
  8. WOW, I feel very welcomed now :3 Thanks for the cookie :D

    And Elyd, you should read all of them :3 They are AWESOME :D
  9. Hello and welcome to Iwaku.
    I'm Kitti and it's nice to meet you (even if I am suspicious of all the Teag-ing going on!).
    I've seen you around a bit and it looks like you're getting accustomed to things but if you need help, don't hesitate to ask.