Hi! :D

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  1. Soo… I really want to Roleplay.. Yeah. x'D

    Anyways, I'm all up for anything basically. You just have to give me ideas because I've run out of ideas…. Sadly. I just haven't had any inspiration lately, and I'm kind of hoping to do a Drama/Romance/Modern type of Roleplay. Things like that! But I want it to be different from most of the other Roleplay's on here. ;o

    Anyways, if you're interested, either PM me, message me on my page, or just message me on here!


    ~ Rumi.​
  2. I've got some ideas if you're still open~
  3. ;o Oh yeah totally. I'm always open x'D.​
  4. Okie dokes.
    I've got a few ideas, I'll pm them to you~
  5. Alrighty dear ~​