Hi c:

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  1. My name is James c: i love romance i feel like its the fundamentals of life <3 I can also do fantasy rpg kinda stuff but romance is my go to genre
    I've always wanted to live one of those highschool anime romance lifes so i try to rp romance as much as i can so i can see that or a different world via imagination c:
    I have skype, deviantart, maiotaku and some other stuff if you wanna message me there so just pm and i will link you c:
  2. **waves* hello! I am Hollow or Lady Eastword but that's too formal. *smiles* I'm here to make friends with you and say welcome.
    If you wanna rp just pm me okay!
  3. hello there c: -waves back-
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    Welcome to the community, James! :D
  5. oh hey just saw this thanks very much :3 been having fun so far with all the interesting people <3
  6. Hallo and welcome! :D

    *starts chanting* ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!