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  1. Hi I'm Samantha :D Call me anything :D Sam and Wish are my favorites <3

    I'm a girl :3

    I am 15 :C Sadly, will be 16 in November :D

    I am new to this site :D Was invited by a friend ^.^

    I feel like single rps are easier to reply to but the more the merrier in group roleplays :D (I like both <3)

    I like snowy days and air-conditioning, I like when it's sunny but cold out. I don't enjoy beaches as I can't swim :C

    For songs?! I recently fell in love with 2 Stars by Tess Tyler and Too Cool by Tess Tyler, because the music sounds like video game OSTs. I like those too :D

    Talk to me :D!
  2. Hi :) what'sup?
  3. Hii not much still trying to figure out this site :)
    What about you?
  4. Ok not much the same i guess x)
  5. Oh, that's nice :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.