Hi all :]

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am not completely new, but I haven't been role playing too much to be called experienced. I can't wait to get into big role plays, but for now I will stick to medium or small ones. My online time on weekends is frequent, but during the school week it will be harder. I will only be on at night those times. Usually I will be doing homework between posts or posting between homework :lol:

    Thanks all for reading this :music::champagne::bouquet::birthday::music:

    Oh ya, I like to read manga even though I don't watch anime at all. I also like to read a long series at once and then wait for a long time for many chapters to be up. If its completed, then I am happy and like to read it quickly. This means it will be hard to discuss current manga with me, sorry :[

    It is actually a secret to my friends that I like to play MMORPG, read manga, and role play. Usually people just see me as someone who likes to play sports and spend a lot of time on school stuff. I also like to play soccer, tennis, and run. I sometimes swim in the winter at an indoor club. The MMORPG I play right now is Perfect World International, but I am not on too much because of IRL and role playing. I will sometimes be on to do a quest or two.

    My favorite genre is fantasy and adventure sort of like One Piece. For me the manga-type atmosphere is fun and less serious. However, I can also do serious role plays too. I like mystery as well, but it must be hard to do as a role play without knowing what will happen already and that makes it less mysterious.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss a role play if you want me to join :]

  2. Hi there Kalista! Welcome to the scary land of Iwaku! >:3
  3. Thanks :]

    Such a fast reply :lol:
  4. Hey Kalista, how are you?
  5. Yo wassup? Nice to meet ya
  6. Doing great wildpelt, just cleaning my room and listening to music on the radio, how about you?

    And nice to meet you too Lochlan
  7. I'm just playing with legoes! Yes, I still mess wiht those things.
  8. Fun :)

    I used to play with my older brother's Star Wars legoes and he would draw what I made except better looking, but now he is in college :(
  9. *blush* ahah...thank you...