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  1. Hiya people! I'm Shelby, and it's really nice to meet you all (despite the fact that I don't know anyone here yet...). But hopefully that will change, and hopefully I'll be getting into a couple of roleplays very soon.

    I love to chat, as well as roleplay, and though I'm new to this site I am not new to roleplaying. Actually I've been doing it for a few years now and love all types of different genres, though I am always up for trying something new. So, as I wander about the site, trying to find something to do, hopefully I'll find something that will keep me occupied. (:

    And since I don't really know much of what else to say, I guess that's it. If anyone wants to roleplay or just talk to me you can send me a pm or something. Thanks for reading!
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  2. When you say chat, do you mean chatting to people or chat rp'ing? if it's the latter, well... YOU ARE MY NEW FRIEND.
    Well, technically I'd be your friend anyway, but chat rp is my forte. Do you have a trill?
  3. All right a friend!! Chat either way. Both with people and rps. ^_^
    I mean, I haven't done too many chat rps, but I'm not opposed to doing them, since the ones that I have done have been pretty fun.

    Hmm... I'm not actually sure what you mean about trill... XD
  4. welcome to Iwaku! Hope to have an rp with you sometime!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku: there's a niche for everyone here so I'm sure you'll fit right in! Drop by the Content forums sometime, they're a great way to kill time between RP's

    Oh! And there's Chatbox events that you might like! They're usually posted ahead of time in the Announcement board