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  1. Hi all! I'm new (you don't say... -_-) You can call me Nay'ar, or Nay... as you prefer ^.^ I'm a girl and I'm 22 but I role mostly as 16-18 year old chara, because I like that age's mind and inside developement patterns: they're not childs but not adults either... so there's a lot of possibilities of developement, isn't there?
    Me and Mr. Roleplaying go waaaaaaay back but it's the first time I try something like Iwaku... so... I'll do my best *determination face: ON*.
    ... What else... Oh, just 'cause I loved how the guideline put it XD: "Soai Calendula" by Ceui is my current favourite song...
    Nice to meet you, hope we'll have fun together, and if you want to know something, just ask! :)
  2. Greetings Nay! :D Welcome to our stuffed community! <3
  3. Thank you! Iìll do my very best ;)
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! ^.^ always good to see new faces.
  5. Thanks >\\<
  6. Hi Nay, welcome and stuff, let me tell you a little bit about my seeeeeeeelf:

    -You see I like long walks along the beach at nigh, very romantic
    -Im not a capricorn, but Im a scorpio...*hiss and stuff*

    ...Im just kidding.

    Ive been on iwaku for about a week now, its pretty cool. Can get pretty slow at times but theres plenty places to just write till your heart's content. Funny thing is I felt pretty old at 22 and seeing everyone else here still sporting the word x-teen to their age, lol
  7. ^.^ Thank you! I actually like Scorpio... in fact it was (and still IS) my favourite Gold Saint... just kidding :P Really, thank you for the welcome!
  8. Hello Nay'ar (did I pronounce that right?), welcome aboard the good ship Iwaku.
  9. Yeah ^.^ you did it right ^.^ thank you! Hope to be a good sailor then :P
  10. its nice to meet you and hope you like it her bleach43.gif
  11. Thank you ^-^
  12. Welcome to Iwaku! :D
  13. Thank you :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.