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I'm Lily. I've never roleplayed before. What are you supposed to do? I write novels so I thought this would be good for me....


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Well, think about roleplaying somewhat like writing a novel >.< except you're either contributing to one (as a participant of an RP) collectively with other people... Or perhaps, are "hosting" a narrative of some sort, with others (well, once more) adding their own "pieces" to it o.o they're not always an 100% success, but, they're really cool to pop in I guess o-o


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Imagine roleplaying on the board as writing an interactive novel-- with a partner!

It's fun!

At any rate: Welcome to Iwaku! I do hope you enjoy your stay among us! If you have any questions, complaints, general comments; if you're looking for someone to chat with, or seek advice from; if you just want to shoot the breeze... My wall is open, and my PM box is always available!

Hope you have fun!
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