Heyy! :D

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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Alley. ^^

    I have been trying to find a nice Rp site for awhile and haven't came up with many good ones until this one... So here I am!

    I am very experienced in Rping, my friend and I would always do OnexOne's and I have Rp'd in groups countless times before. So ask me to join an Rp and I just might! :) Because, quite frankly, I'm dying to start Rping again. I had to stop because I got super busy for awhile but now I would like to pick it back up again! I filled out my Resume so just look there if you have any questions...

    I love to read, so if you have a good book (any kind of book!) that you just want to talk about or recommend. Come talk to me! Chances are, I have already read it. And who knows? Maybe we can OnexOne off of a great series!

    Same goes for movies! I have become a movie junkie the past couple years. Here are some of my favorites!

    1. Moulin Rouge
    2. Brokeback Mountain
    3. Pride and Prejudice (2005)
    4. Across the Universe
    5. I Love You Phillip Morris
    6. Big Fish
    7. The Men Who Stare at Goats
    8. The Bodyguard
    9. Easy A
    10. Lost in Austen
    11. etc.

    (I didn't make a list of books because we would be here until we all died... Literally. XD)

    So yeah... Check out my Resume... Talk to me... Because I like to talk... And Roleplay. :D


    (P.S. I purposely spelled Hey with two Y's... I think it gives the word more emphasis... But that's just me.)
  2. Hello, Alley, and welcome to Iwkau! I am Iliana and its a pleasure to have you on the forums!

    This is the perfect place to go to fulfill all of your rp needs! We've got practically anything you like and somethings you dont, but oh well, we're still kickass! >:D

    If you need help getting into role plays and other things, check out
    this guide right here. It's got everything you need and more! If you need any help with anything, bother me until i temporarily submit to your will and do what i have to do! D:

    And fuck yeah, Big Fish.
  3. Greetings, Alley.

    I welcome you to Iwaku! There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved with RPs and events. ^^

    Need anything, please ask..We'll send someone your way! And have fun, that is key!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Alley! My name is Krystal ^.~
    I hope you feel loved here *hugs to death*
    If you need any help then you can always ask someone, everyone here are pretty smart xP
    I hope we can RP sometime :)
  5. To Iliana: IKR! Big Fish rocks! XD

    To Juku: Thanks! I will be sure to get involved! :D

    To domogonomx3: *hugs back just as tightly* Thanks! That was an awesome hug! And I would love to Rp with you sometime! :D