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  1. Hi Hi~

    My name's Jessine, you can call me Kitty or Sekaii if you like. I'm a yaoi fan girl, I just don't shove it down everyone's throat..

    //We get bad reps 'cause people do that .-." //

    I am fairly new to roleplaying. So go easy on me ^^'

    I get off topic very easily, .-.

    I write these stories I guess. I never get very far because I live in some ugly ass city |: Inspiration is scarce really. Not really a talk full person x: Can't keep a good conversation.

    Video games are a passion, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Minecraft, etc etc.

    I like anime, first anime I've ever watched was Spirited Away, saddest anime I think was Angel Beats, Full Metal Alchemist, Clannad, or Elfen Lied. Can't decide.

    So I hope you enjoyed that. c:

  2. Hello hello, Jessine! Welcome to Iwaku!

    You're fairly new to RPing? Don't worry, we won't hurt you..We'll only help you by sending you to the

    And since you like video games, please consider joining the
    Iwaku Gaming Guild!

    Should you need anything, please just ask!
  3. Hai and thank you. ^^

    I'll be sure to check everything out and thank you for the offer!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Jessine!
    I'm Krystal, it's a pleasure to meet you ^^
    If you have any plots in mind that you want to RP and need someone to take part in it, i'd love to assist you xP
    And if you have any questions just ask anyone here, we're all nice people x3
    I hope you feel welcomed and loved here!
  5. Thank you c:

    If I do I'll be sure to share them with you~!

    Thank you again >w<