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  1. Hi, I am Rabidness, and a high school freshman. I have liked roleplaying since before I turned 13(I am currently 14), and when I was old enough to join RP forums at 13, I did. I always seemed to like the idea of working with other people to create a story, and I like writing and reading. I got a few pointers, and I like to think I've become more imaginative with storylines.

    I like some select academy roleplays, superhero roleplays, and TF2 forum roleplays(Even though I don't like playing the game, I like the storyline). I have never found a TF2 forum-based roleplay that was active, though.

    I don't like 1x1 roleplays, I just like having more than 2 people working together to build a world. So, I probably won't do 1x1 roleplays.

    Hope to become good RP buddies with you.
  2. hello and welcome ^w^ hope you injoy the site and like to roleplay with you some time
  3. Hi there Rabidness! Welcome to the community!