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    Herro, my Senpais...~
    I'm Rennji...My friends call my 'the crazy dragon emperor'
    BUT, call me whatever you like c:
    I'm, obsessed with anime and manga...~<3
    So far,
    I think I've seen and read them all C:
    I call speak Japanese,Urdu,Arabic,Spanish and Engilsh..~
    Feel free to PM me whenever you want...

    I don't bite...Much >:3
  2. *giggles* hello Rennji! I'm Hollow *smiles* anime and manga huh? I like you already! Welcome to the site I hope we can be friends. I'm open if you want to rp *waves* bye.
  3. So many languages, how neat! O.O Welcome to the community, Renji!