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  1. Hey everyone. I'm a fairly experienced roleplayer that started about 5 years ago, roleplaying occasionally on a forum that wasn't really meant for it, but had boards for it. I moved on from that a while ago, and became very active on Roleplayer Guild, but lately have found compelling stories very lacking. I consider myself fairly decent when it comes to roleplaying, and can make decent posts with good spelling/grammar. I'm down for just about any kind of roleplay except those that veer towards the sexual side. I also dislike anything that really caters to one particular group specifically, i.e. anthro roleplays. Don't have anything against them, just not my personal cup of tea, since I like variety and freedom when making characters. That's about all I can think about as far as that goes, so I guess I should wrap this up. So thanks for reading, hope to see some of you in some RPs soon.
  2. Howdy Diggerton, welcome to us!
  3. Hey there, welcome to the site!

    I'm excited to see you around, have you found anything of interest so far?
  4. Nothing as of yet, but I've been looking around the signups section and seen some pretty interesting ideas. Going to go for something pretty soon.