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  1. Yo! Was recommended to iwaku by a friend, and so far this site seems pretty cool. ovo
    I'm not overly used to rping on a website like this, but hey I've been meaning to try it, plus I'd love to meet some new people and all that jazz.
    Any info anyone's curious about in terms of rping or just me as an individual is on my profile and whatnot. uvu
    I'm more of a one-on-one kind of person, but I'm totally open for group rps. It'd be cool to try and really get into one. The few I've had were a bit awkward and died off really quick.
    I have more male characters than female, but am totally fine with rping either gender! ovo
    In terms of romance, I tend to lean more towards MxM, but like above, I'm flexible and don't really mind!

    Anyway yeah, you get the idea.

    I'm too lazy to post character stuff right now because I decided to procrastinate and not finish a Creative Writing assignment for school, so I'm gonna drop this here and get back to work.

    CHARACTER STUFF (temporary location thingy): http://sta.sh/2h05wddf7vs?edit=1 (just realized none of my female ocs are up there lol whoops)
  2. One of your characters is a sugarbeast. O___O This is the greatest thing on the planet.

    Welcome to the site, Asterai!
  3. hello and welocme to the site ^w^ and you are one of the sugerist beast around
  4. Thank you! c:

    And it is indeed a sugarbeast. eve
  5. i like you signature
  6. Haha thanks

    yours is cute! :O
  7. thanks and if you have any qqustion or looking for a rp partner i am your gal ^w^
  8. Hi, followed you from DA.
  9. Holy omigart! Your coloring! so crisp!
    Welcome to Iwaku! I draw myself, though my art is less cartoony and I don't DA, often.
    But I digress, Enjoy roleplaying lots!
  10. Welcome to Iwaku. i'm Gabriel how you do
  11. Thanks.
  12. I'm doing fine.
  13. Ok!
  14. Were you talking to me?? /)//v//(\ Aaaa thank you!
  15. Thanks for the welcome!<3
    I'm doing hella uvu
  16. Yes, yes I was, and you are very much welcome!
  17. I'm fine . thanks