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  1. Hi IM new here on smart phone so please excuse any typos but anyway I heard of this site from a old friend and um well love and well decided to give it a try.

    Oh IM into Mlp rp and mm love clop rp or Yiff hope IM not breaking the rules with this buuuuuutttt yea I'll do regular rp but not group rp just can't follow them well but anyways let the welcomes come rolling in!!
  2. hello and welcom *bows* its all good here and have fun you knever know what types of rps we do here XD and i like to rp with you some time
  3. Omg my phones bugging out on me on this site x.x but yea sounds like loads of fun.
  4. it is ^w^ if you liked to rp with me im your girl
  5. Hiiii Shiningarmor! Welcome to the community!