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  1. What's going on? I'm SoulSurvivor, probably going to go by Soul. How's it going?

    Just stopping by to introduce myself. College student, theater geek, so on, so forth. Your average wanna-be novelist.
  2. Hallo there, Soul! Welcome to the site!
  3. *takes a bow* Welcome Soul...may you have a wonderful time here.
  4. welcome to the site, soul.
    what kind of genres are you into?
  5. I'm a big fan of adventure, psychological horror, etc. I've got a pretty big range of available characters; everything from a vampire magician to a modern-day Hercules. I'm not opposed to good old fashioned adult RP/romantic RP, either.
  6. Greetings SoulSurvivor. I see that your current avatar is a skunk, which means you are my minion by default. Have fun on the forum~
  7. Is that what this is? I thought it was a badger.

    Regardless, hurrah for minions!
  8. adventure and psychological horror, eh? Sounds like fun! What kinds of settings are you preferential to? fantasy? Futuristic sci-fi?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.