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  1. Uhhhh hi? xD Joined through a friend and was told this was the place for some RP, so yeah...Hi!!
  2. Good choice lol welcome to the site.
  3. Your friend is wise. Welcome aboard! Here, have a cookie and enjoy your stay.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku ^^ I hope you enjoy your stay here and remain with us~
  5. Thank you very much all of you ^w^
  6. Well that profile picture and name seems so familiar to me but besides that welcome to Iwaku if you need help or looking for some RPS feel free to message me.
  7. You may remember me from MAL before i took my leave a couple months ago :D
  8. And I knew that's where you were from and you had two different profile names right.
  9. Yah C-Vi-Britannia my main account and Xenocobra my revival account
  10. Yep I remember both of them any RPs you want to join here?
  11. I havent had time to look around as of yet, but i have started a Private RP with a friend that introduced me to this place :P
  12. Im guessing that must be sleepless right.
  13. Sleepless vampire he came here from mal after I sent this website to a few people.
  14. Oh uh no it wasnt him, dont think i know him xD Rauzi is the one that sent me the link to this place.
  15. Oh I know him to I have no idea who got the link after I sent it to a few people.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.