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Do you say PotAto or PotatO?

  1. PotAto

  2. PotatO

  3. Neither you strange person

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  1. I must say this site is lookin faaaancy!

    Heyo, I'm ScarletHood!

    There's not much to say but I like to have fun when doing rps!

    ♦Has roleplay experience
    ♦Is a highly unstable person
    ♦WARNING: will lick
    ♦Likes Yaoi
    Secretly wishes for the destruction of elves Is an innocent sort of gal
  2. Hello, Scarlet :D! Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy your stay, and here's a potato to help get you started~

  3. Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you find everything you're looking for :)
  4. Elves are the one true race.

    We can't be friends now.


    And by that I mean.. Welcome to the site!
  5. Nuuu...don't lick me. D: That would be terrible.
    'Ello Scarlet. I can't say welcome cuz I is new. :/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.