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  1. Well... Um... Hello...

    I'm supposed to be ★Under The Stars★, but something apparently didn't work... So... Now I'm just ★ ★. Sorry for the confusion. This is what happens when I try to be creative... *Tear falls down face*

    *Wipes tear*

    But that's beside the point. I've come here to Iwaku because, why the heck not?! I've enjoyed role-playing on forums for a very long time, but I've taken a little break from it for a while, so please don't blame me if I'm a little rusty. Thank you.

    I believe my writing style is more on the sophisticated side, though I'm not sure because every time I read my writing, I'm like, "What the fudge is this? When did I write this and why is it so bad?"

    My writing skill probably reaches as far as Adept. But that's even a stretch for me.

    Thank y'all for lettin' me be here!
    "A Crappy Poem" by ★Under The Stars★

    Under the stars, I sit.
    Under the stars, I grow.
    In everything I do, I never quit.
    Just like the stars, burning everlasting.
    Burning with passion.
    Showing the world my light.
    A light of change and love.

    **Again, my point about being creative is proven.**
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  2. - stares at the pretty stars - @,@

    Welcome to the forum! You might be able to fix that with a name change, but if not, I'm sure one of the lovely staff here will help you out :3 I hope you have a wonderful time on the forum, and get to write all the stories you've been craving to tell :D
  3. Why... Thank you very much! I hope to role-play with you at one time or another hopefully.
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  4. Welcome to Iwaku! I am glad you got the trouble with your name sorted :D no need for falling starts anymore. I hope you enjoy your stay and if you ever want to chat about starting up an rp just let me know :D until then have a rainbow *Throws bucket of rainbows and runs away*
  5. *Bucket of rainbow gets splashed on me* WAHHH!!! That was mean! *A tear falls down my face* C'MON! IT'S MY FIRST DAY!!! WAHHHHHH!!!

    ... *Blinks with a blank expression*

    Just kidding.
  6. *Offers a cookie and hug*

    I hope your time here will be pleasant and fun!
  7. *Takes cookie, but stands awkwardly for the hug* I-I'm being touched...

    *Shakes nervously*

    A-And t-t-thank you...
  8. I do believe I offered the hug, but did not give one, thus never touched? Sorry for the confusion.
  9. BUCKETS OF RAINBOWS ARE AWESOME! And only make you cry if they are TEARS OF JOY.
    Can you tell I may be a bit tired? Yes? No?

    Anyways, welcome and I hope I haven't scared you away.

    May the RPs be with you.
  10. Yes You are. XD Yes you are.
  11. AHHHHHH!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!! *Hides in her corner again, closing her eyes, and making noises that are a mix of terrified cries and sniffles*
  12. Welcome to the site, Stars! Have a great time :D
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