Heyo (Totally unoriginal title, much?)

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  1. Hello! Hello! Hello! Hallo!

    Good to meet you all, any, everyone! Even the little dust mice hiding in the corners.

    I would be Schatten (Shaw-ten; SHAAAA-TEH-ENNNNN..Schatten), Schat, Schaaahaaa..what..what is this.. I don't even.. TEN.. No.. Nope. I'm just Schatten (totally into german, by the way! Schatten//Shadow)

    Completey flabbergasted to be here, immensly giddy, and above all eager to play, write, conduct stories! (I think..)

    I am.. a student, as well as an aspiring artist to create videogames. Yes. VIDEOGAMES! (insert lightening here with spooky music)

    Mostly design and the such, far too stupid to get into the programming/animation biz, though I am trying/learning.

    Another thing that I am, and always will be; a writer. I love to write, I love reading what people write, books, paper, pencils, poetic words, dramatic sentences, rageful, emotional, heart felt paragraphs; the little letters that have been around since mankind invented such amazing, little, yet largely important alphabetical wonderous feats of slowly built up intelligence!

    This isn't an impressive introduction, I know, and I believe it could be oh so much better.. But for the sake of space, length to read, and my lazy-butt I'm keeping it short like this.

    ~ Schatten11136

    (P.s. I'm not new to roleplay, just this site.)
  2. hai schatten....im schatten XD....well... i was schatten but now im nacht lol
  3. Are you the boyfriend of that one girl which I forgot her name?

    Umm anyways!
    Welcome to Iwaku! My name is Doxa!
    If you have any questions please just ask!
  4. Why hello there ,Schatten!

    Welcome to Iwaku! You're going in the gaming industry huh? Good luck to you! It's a really big field!
    I should know..That used to my area of study was animation.

    You love to write? Awh yeah..You'll fit in just fine here with us!

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me, or somebody else!

    See you around!
  5. Lol, oh really then? What a pleasent suprise, good to have met you my fellow german word user. >.>
  6. XD I do so believe you are confusing me with someone else, I am but a humble newb to this site. >.>

    Y'all is so friendly, I'm taken aback by the amount of offers to answer questions. XD
  7. XD Awh, cool, is animation fun? I've found the Scratch program to be rather.. Entertaining.. >.>

    >.> I'm more so getting into the design, characters and stuff.

    <.< I'm.. I'm not exactly sure what to ask people, sites rather big, even slightly confusing.. It's going to be awhile before I get use to this style of forum. XD;; Must.. Dig.. Through.. With helpful.. Links at top.. @_@;;