Heyo. Just popping in one last time.

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  1. Hey- this is nothing against any of you, and nothing on here drove me to want to do this- to leave.

    I have a lot of shit that's been happening lately:

    -Moved to an apartment with boyfriend and best friend.
    -Got a job
    -Had a new car for a week.
    -Crashed said car so badly that it's a wonder I got away with just bruises. I'd say something like "And then I found god"... but that's bullshit. Honestly, though, think "accordion" and that describes the hood and front of what used to be my 2004 Lexus that was passed down to me from my father.... not even a week prior. Still a bit shocked and looking over the pictures I took helps me come to terms with it, but in the end, I'm still dealing with it. Probably not as gracefully as some, but still.
    -Discovered that there's a hundred people with the word "Adjuster" in their job title that will call and call to get details on the accident. (Moral of the story- about a day after your wreck, you're not allowed a day of rest with phone calls from varied people trying to figure out the who, what, and why of your accident.)
    -Discovered that I still have problems with drinking, I need to take care of that.

    I'm ok. And I repeat, nothing on this site has drove me to do this. I've had good times on here, and you all have helped me through a lot of shit in my life. The Admins, and the Mods, and the varied members.... though these things have changed throughout the years, I've always welcomed the different approach and poise of each person on here- the essence of the fact that even online, each person can express their personality so well that it's easy to define them.... as opposed to other places where most would sink into a sludge of varied behaviors, but no definition to their distinct personalities.

    I could go on for hours, talking about each person who has made a difference in my life, but I feel like I'd still be leaving people out.

    If you're reading this, congrats, even if you're new, you've made a difference. That's how Iwaku feels... least, it does to me... least, that's the intent of this place, I feel. Not just a massive site where most become nameless, but a place where everyone feels like they have a niche somewhere.

    I need this... and... I'm sorry. If I joined your Role Plays and something hinged on my character, and you've been waiting for me, you don't have to do that- it's unnecessary.

    Just take care, ok? I've cared for a lot of you as I would anyone I would meet in real life, and some of you are as dear to me as family. Just be good.
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  2. Well, you gotta do what you have to do.

    When and if you decide to come back, you know where to find us. Best of luck to you, Teeks.
  3. Take care, Tikay! D: I know you'll come back for a visit when you're doing better! >3
  4. I'll be sad to see you go Hydro, but good on you for acknowledging that you need to make some changes. Its always difficult to step outside of our comfort zone and take the risks necessary to grow. I wish you all the best as you continue your journey.
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    I kid, I kid. When life piles up a ton of stuff on you it's a good idea to focus your attention on getting stuff sorted out rather than monkeying about on the intertoobs with us lot.

    I'd wager we'll still be hanging out in branches and flinging shit at each other if and when you think you're able to come back, however, so know that you're always welcome.

    Best of luck, Teeks.