Heya, Nice to meet you all



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Hey there, I'm Aira.
I'm new here (if you haven't already guessed >.>) lol. I am 17 year old , female and I enjoy a long list of activities such as bamington, literature, art, swimming, rugby, watching movies (XD even though I tend to spoil them for myself because I analyse them too much ^^), crafting, singing, cooking, reading, playing games, shopping, anime and so on... I am new to role playing and very inexperienced so please bare with me. =) Some of my favourite genres of writing however are romance, fantasy, general fiction, horror and steam punk! ^^ especially horror and fantasy! ( got to love the walking dead and over powered demons trying to destroy the world) however when it comes to fantasy narratives, sometimes I feel with fantasy that the good guy doesn't deserve to win. >.> I mean some bad character are just so awesome it's like...really. The bad guys had to work for their power then some idiot good guy prodigy that's the chosen one comes along gets lucky and saves the day =/ *sigh* ah well teehee. Oh and Merry Christmas! (in advance <3 - i'll forget otherwise.)

Hi there and welcome to Iwaku, Aira!
I'm Kitti and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
I love to roleplay and it is a genuine pleasure of mine to share this love with others. Everyone was new at some point, so don't worry a bit about it!
Take a look around the site (it's pretty easy to understand) and if you need any help, please feel free to ask.

To sign up for a roleplay, fill out the character sheets in the roleplay OOC and signup section.
The genre is listed in a cute little tag at the left. When the person is ready to start the roleplay, the in character thread will be where you post and it will be found in the area the corresponds to the tag. Our "in character" areas are Jump In, Modern, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Mature.

Happy roleplaying!
Thank you very much for your support - I'll be sure to enjoy myself!

Hallo Aira! :D Welcome to the community!
Hello and early Merry Christmas, Aira! May I say you have great taste in genres. If you like horror, you should come join the Iwaku Horror Group and participate in discussions!