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Heya. Anyone up for an RP

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by daemon_reaver, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. As the top says. just signed up last night. well have my resume for RP done. I've done my fair share of RP in MMO's and on roleplay gateway and RPnation. i'm up for pretty much most RPs though don't know where to start here. so just hopefully invite me. i'm pretty good at what i do.
  2. welcome X3 and how are you and i can tell you abit about this place
    But... this isn't the correct place to put it as stated from the title of the forum category "New Arrivals & Departures" .

    If you scroll down three or four full times, you press on "roleplay talk" and use that.

    (though we discuss in PMs)
  4. Well Dakota fill me in and District sorry about that.
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  5. ok so you see all thoughs congregatys on form they tell you you go to roleplay talk or to the caticory you want to rp in and ut a post up or look at everyones else reuests or rp they made
  6. Hello there Daemon, welcome to the site. >:3
  7. thanks for having me.