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  1. I am EthanVayne, laid back, wise, and creative. Also I am heavily by the genre of music that I am currently listening to. Just saying hello. ~EthanV.
  2. Wiiiise huh? 8D Like a wiiiise ass! *Huurhurrhurrhurr!*

    Welcome to the community Mister Ethan! <3
  3. Hey. HEY.

    *Waves frantically* Stop listening to music! I'm trying to talk here! >:[

    *ahem* Welcome, to Iwaku, Ethan! It's always good to be wise and creative, especially when it comes to role play. So you'll do just fine! I f you need any type of assistance or a go-to person about things, let me know and I will be all to happy to help!
  4. Thank you for both replies. Wise ass me? Damn straight. :)
  5. I feel like a word was missing from the first post.. I can't decide if it should be influenced or distracted xP

    Welcome Ethan!

  6. The first thing that popped into my mind while reading it was influenced--but you have a point... distracted also fits in - A -
    But this isn't the point of this post;


    -pops in with bundles of confetti and a mariachi band-

    Welcome to Iwaku, Ethan!
    I hope you have tons of fun, and I'm sure yer gonna be just fine ;D
  7. Oh yeah it was influenced.
  8. Hello and welcome to Iwaku, Mister Ethan.
    I'm Kitti and it's good to meet you!
    Hopefully we can enslave put to use that creativity of yours for awesome roleplay posts!
    I trust that you've poked around the site a bit and discovered lots of interesting or helpful things.
    If you need help, please feel free to ask.
    Happy playing!
  9. Hi there EthanVayne, welcome to Iwaku! Music does sometime have that effect doesn't it? Hope you find somewhere to let out that influence here! Have fun!
  10. Welcome to Iwaku, Ethan! I'm October, people usually call me Oct, Octo or Octy..or just October. Anyway, enough about my name that I stole from the calender.

    I am also heavily influenced by music when I RP. You'll fit in well here, hope you enjoy the site and have time to check out all the cool stuff it has to offer.