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  1. Hey

    I am Ludonear Ferta (yes, that is definitely my real name). I am from the Netherlands and I am 18 years old. I have been a part of two roleplaying forums before, the first never started and all my friends and roleplays on the second are inactive. One of my friends told me about Iwaku and I must say, I like it already. ^^

    I am looking for any kind of roleplay right now but I'm most interested in fantasy and horror.
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  2. *pops up beside you* Hey. I am Hiroki Shoma. *pats back* welcome to Iwaku. A world where insanity has no limits. *Hands a golden card with name and information on it.* Anytime you wanna chat or just wanna rp, let me know.
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  3. *Takes the golden card* Ah, thank you, Hiroki-san. Pleased to meet you. What RPs could you introduce me into?
  4. Any you would like my good sir. There are all types of variety here.
  5. Tell me about the ones you are in? You seem like an interesting person.
  6. Why thank you! *shakes hand* well...I am in a total of three romance, one fandom (Avatar last airbender), 2 Fantasy and, one Sifi.
  7. Hmm... Let us start with the fantasy ones.
  8. Alright then shoot me a Pm and we can talk about it there my friend.
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  9. That really does help. Thank you Ser K+.
  10. No problem ^^
    Have fun.
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  11. Greetingd Ludonear, welcome to our abode! :D
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  12. I found you before you found me, I get q point
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  13. Hiroki beat me to giving you a flower! D=(Even if it's a dead one now Q.Q)

    Welcome to Iwaku! ~ I'll give you a flower anyway <3

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  14. Diana, thank you. It's good to be aboard ^^

    Chuckle, I guess it's 2:0 for you then?

    Red Velvet, it's okay. The flower is still beautiful. However, I'm afraid Hiroki-san was also the first to turn his back on me on this site... The good news is, you are the first woman to do that. ^^