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  1. Hello I have have many names but i am new here and I don't really know what to say but if anything don't be afraid to stop by and talk i guess(rubs back of neck) thank you.
  2. Well hello there! Welcome to the Community! I hope you have fun here. Most of us don't bite... hard. Anyway, if you need help finding an interesting roleplay to join, just let me know and I will help you out!
  3. (laughing)That's great to hear thank you, and thanks for responding i'll take you up on your offer sometime, oh and love the profile pic(die hard Kakashi fan).
  4. Yes my nose is lovely isn't it? - Kakashi

    I am a fan of Kakashi myself. I think he's super cool.
  5. Yup his nose is lovely and he is pure awesomeness(nods heads ferociously)
  6. Halloooo Fang, welcome to the site. :D
  7. Whispers in the dark.. Tigers !!

    Fu fu fu..~. Welcome Newcomer! Enjoy your stay here.

    Please Do Not feed the bunnies!

    Let's see how much you last in this Madness..:)
    Remember. We All are Mad in here.~
  8. Thanks Diana this sites pretty awesome, wish i would have found it sooner. XD
  9. Thank you :) i'll try to remember that (laughing).
  10. Whispers again..~ fu fu..

    Try harder or you'll lose this Battle against the Madness!
    You have to join in..<3
  11. Or maybe i have won entirely and the madness is no one else but me. (rubs hands and laughs maniacally).
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  12. Whispers as I pet my Tiger..~

    Pfft please.. Everyone is Crazy around here.^^. You can not Win a battle with something that you Can't see nor Touch.

    I only recognise one type of Madness.. Unfortunately you ain't part of it just yet.

    You're not Ready..
  13. XD i'm still getting the hang of it.
  14. Welcome to Iwaku, CrimsonFang. Should you require any assistance falling into madness; I'm offering brainwashing services. Totally free of charge.
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  15. you guys are awesome :). Thank you I would very much appreciate your wonderfully kind offer. Let the brainwashing commence.
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  16. welcome to iwaku

  17. Wow that was epic(Laughing) resistance is futile omg I don't know what to say.
  18. Thanks Flairik :)
  19. np im here to plz and satify any ones rp needs as long as it fantasy
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