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Just an idea for the roleplayers resume. There's a huge list and I was wondring if you could break it down by letter categories. Like A-D and so on. This way people have more of a chance of getting found. If there are a million resume's no one is going to look through every single one. This would be a sub forum or thread for this. If you need more explaining please let me know.
Actually, now that the roleplay resume is in the profiles, you CAN browse members (and their resumes) via the Member List and sort through it by A-Z. This is another reason why we moved it from the thread system to people's actual profiles so it's easier to find them. :D

Since it's so new, NOW all we have to do is encourage people to fill theirs out. It's so new that most people dun have their in their profile yet. D:

I am also trying to fix the Search feature in the member list so it will search the "Kidnappable" and "I am Seeking" fields so people can browse for players that are available. But it's being a pain in the ass and taking a little work. XD Hopefully I can find a fix sometime this century.
Ok thanks. I did not know that the profile resume was taking over the resume. Thanks.
Yes ma'am! It was definitely a pain in the ass to search through that entire thread. So we're hoping having it in the profile is much more functional!