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  1. Hey people I'm Silo DON'T YOU DARE NOT CAPITALIZE IT now as i was saying I'm an immortal Death Lord and you guys are the last humans in the multiverse Congrats now to go back on the subject of me being new here. I'm new to role playing of any sort so im gonna be a bit horrid at least for now. thats all i can think of to say for now that would be relevant so yeah be seeing ya around people
  2. There is no good or bad, excellent or Horrid in RP! As our lovely lady administrator Diana Notacat would say "There are no good or bad roleplayers, just bad attitudes" : )


    Anyway, welcome to the site. You've picked a great place to polish your rp technique. Iwaku has a good member base with players of every genre, setting and ability : )

    If you need anything feel free to ask. We're here for you!
  3. Hey, Im new too, so if you ever need a Roleplay hit me up.
  4. Yikes. You're scary. o.o

    Just kidding. Hiya!
  5. Okay quick question is there a way to make groups?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.