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  1. Hello:) I'm Chelsea and I'm pretty new to the site but not to roleplaying. I've been on hiatus for a while but I'm looking to get right back into it!

    :bananaman:Fun Fact: I am horrible at introductions :bananaman:
  2. It's rude to see someone's pixels without permission! Welcome to Iwaku! Where we're all a family of nerds. c:
  3. haha your username is cute. :D Welcome to the site, friend! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Hi, Chelsea! Welcome to Iwaku! Are you finding everything alright?
  5. Oh shoot, I apologize! lol. Thank you, sounds like the right place for me then^^

    Thank you! I love your username as well :) I'm a huge fan of Opals^^
    Hey! Thank you:) and so far I've found everything alright.^^
  6. Glad to hear it! What are your favorite things to write? =D
  7. I'm a bit all over the place when it comes to what I like. I like fandoms but I especially love coming up with my own plots. I like creating new characters.:) I also just noticed your username, which is brilliant by the way.^^
  8. No, you may not seem my pixels. >=[

    And welcome. I actually quite like your name.
  9. Oh no! Why not? .w.
    Thanks! I like your name as well:)
  10. No problemo. And my pixels don't like to be stared at. It could potentially frighten them.
  11. Oh I see, I understand^^
  12. Welcome to Iwaku!! ♥♥

    But.. welcome? O_O Hello!
  14. Nice, nice. =D Also, nice to see another character-creation lover! Heck yeah! What's your most recent like?

    Thanks! I'm glad you like my name. <3
  15. Thank you!!^^
    o.o I am already feeling more welcome so... Good job! ^^
    Right now I'm working on a girl in a apocalyptic setting. She is very rough around the edges and tough kind of character but she is also a caretaker. She's got a few different layers to her and she cracks a joke every now and then but it's very rare. What about you?:) And of course^^
  16. Ooh, post-apoc! That shit is fun as hell, especially if you mix genres.

    I like how she sounds. Tough, caring, and not afraid to crack the rare joke as it occurs to her. I'd love to hear more!

    Hm, my newest character is named Graham. He's a member of a multiverse-wide organization called the Hunters, who seek out danger to both the multiverse itself and to the people who live there. He's a former member, actually, because he deserted out of fear of being ruled by the dark, mysterious Council any longer. Graham chose to live on a world inhabited by fae rather than serve the Council any longer, and he is terrified of the fae because of just how bad they can screw a person up. If he's ever drinking around someone 'in the know' about fae, he'll go on about how he saw Anne Frank turned into a lamp-post or something like that, because he's been to the world of the fae and seen some crazy shit.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.