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  1. Howdy, I joined the site on the request of a friend, so obviously I am a newb to this site, but not role-playing itself, want to get to know me feel free to talk to me, I don't bite... to much XD
  2. welcome to Iwaku Dr. Acula I love your Anime and your folk lure. If you are looking for a role play let me know i'm open ^.^
  3. Greetings, Alucard! Welcome to Iwaku!

    If you need any help or sort, please shout out to one of our staff members!

    See you around!

  4. Actually I did have a question, I don't seem able to see the Cbox, am I required to make a set amount of posts before I can see this?
  5. No, you can access the Cbox here.
  6. Ahhhh Hellsing!

    Its a pleasure to meet someone as famous such as yourself.

    I also hope that you you enjoy your stay here Mr. Alucard.

    I am sure that you will have fun hunting down many creatures in roleplay here!

    Please enjoy your stay! ^_^
  7. -takes note of Capt's weaknessess