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  1. So. Uh. Yeah. Hi...

    -He shuffled from side to side, with an awkward flap of one wing, a wave of sorts.-

    Aha, uh... Yeah. Not really sure what to put here, soo... Hi.~ { Again. :3 }
  2. Hello, and welcome. I love the avatar.

    Well you can do many different things on the site. Do you prefer one x one or groups?

    Also I would suggest filling out your roleplay resume. Its a fantastic tool to use.

  3. Heh, thanks.~

    I sort of prefer one x one's, but groups are pretty cool, too. I'll probably just have a look round and see what takes my fancy.

    I think I've got my Roleplay Resume all filled out, give or take a few things, which I plan on adding in later on.
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  4. And it is fantastic.

    Well if you ever you wish to rp drop me a message.
  5. Alrighty, thanks.~
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